Traditional Acupuncture

Traditional AcupunctureWhat is Traditional Acupuncture?

Traditional Acupuncture…

  •  is a healing art based on restoring balance and harmony using the laws of nature.
  • is a safe, gentle, drug-free way to health and well-being
  • works preventively as well as curatively, doing whatever nature will allow within each unique individual.
  • takes into account all of the singular complexity of each person in body, mind and spirit, as a whole.
  • is a scientific and complete system, based on exact laws and principles that have been used in China for thousands of years.

In the ancient tradition of acupuncture the aim was to correct or eradicate conditions that lead to disease before the symptoms show themselves. This makes acupuncture a superb system of preventive medicine.

Acupuncture has been used for centuries to treat a wide variety of ailments ranging from superficial aches and pains to more serious illness.  It has also been used effectively to treat mental and emotional disorders.

Acupuncture holds that the cause of symptoms lies in an imbalance of energy in the meridians: blockage occurs and the rest of the system begins to experience disease.

Symptoms are the flags of distress and not, in themselves, the prime imbalance. The patient must be experienced as a whole, not as a collection of symptoms, imbalances or blockages. This is why the practitioner of traditional acupuncture goes to the causative factor of the disease in order to assist nature in restoring balance and harmony.